WASH Event at LEA Primary School Kuchingoro Oct 12 2018

CEDI Nigeria WASH Event at LEA Primary School Kuchingoro Oct 12 2018

It is globally recognized that the provision of safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in educational institutions is a key intervention to promote student’s right to health and clean environment. It has been established that promoting WASH improves health, boosts educational achievement, and promotes gender equity which has a positive impact on the society. It is a key factor especially for women and girls to access the economic, educational, and social opportunities they deserve. Promoting WASH is one of the effective ways of promoting global health.

Access to safe water and toilets are human rights denied to billions of people. This violation leads to growing inequalities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that roughly half of child undernutrition is caused by poor water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).  Around the world, poor water, sanitation and hygiene makes children sick, putting mothers and babies at risk in hospitals, and stopping young women staying safe and well during their menstrual cycle. The impact of poor sanitation, poor water quality and supply, and inappropriate hygienic behaviour is known to be disastrous for infants and young children, and is a significant cause of death among of children under 5 years old. It also has a terrible impact on the health of school-aged children. Children spend long hours in school, and the physical environment and cleanliness of educational facilities significantly determine their health and well-being. Too often, schools are places where children get infected.

Research shows that more than 40 per cent of diarrhoea cases in school children result from transmission in schools rather than homes. Diseases spread faster where many children gather for many hours a day in cramped spaces with limited ventilation, unsanitary conditions, no handwashing facilities or soap, and toilets in poor condition. Research also shows that over one million people around the world die each year from diseases caused by a lack of safe water and sanitation, with most of these deaths recorded in developing countries. Poor sanitation and unsafe water cause nearly 20% of workplace deaths and costs around $260 billion in lost productivity every year. This should not be normal as good water, sanitation and hygiene can reduce sickness by as much as 45%. Handwashing with soap alone can prevent between 500,000 and 1.4 million deaths per year.

As part of its mission and objectives, Community Excellence and Development Initiative (CEDI) is working to promote good water, sanitation, and hygiene in vulnerable communities. CEDI is borne out of the need to empower lives and build sustainable communities by promoting sustainable development projects in health, education, agriculture, clean energy and the environment in Nigerian schools/communities.

CEDI embarked on this workshop to inculcate good hygiene behaviours in pupils and teachers and ensure that they are able to teach their families and friends what they have learnt to help change attitudes and establish good hygiene for generation to come. Provision of good water and sanitation facilities will further improve the health of the students and teachers.


Objectives of the Workshop

Objectives of the workshop include to:

  • To raise awareness about the need for good water, sanitation and hygiene
  • To interact with pupils and understand the challenges they face in practicing good hygiene, as well as having good water and sanitation.
  • To open up opportunities for further engagements with the schools.
  • To help generate ideas for scalability in other schools and communities.


The workshop had in attendance over 200 participants from private sector, NGOs/CSOs, Academia as well as the media. The workshop supports the efforts of key stakeholders especially the international community to scale up access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in schools as it holds potential for impact towards all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially SDG 3 and 6 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages as well as ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all).

Welcome Remarks

The Executive Director of Community Excellence and Development Initiative (CEDI), Mr. Israel Ozovehe O. in his welcome address acknowledged the efforts of various partners and stakeholders in promoting WASH activities in schools. He stated that globally the provision of safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in educational institutions is a key intervention to promote student’s right to health and clean environment. He noted that promoting WASH improves health, boosts educational achievement, and promotes gender equity which has a positive impact on the society. He stated that CEDI is promoting WASH in schools because schools have an important role in protecting children and their families from disease and illness due to poor water, sanitation and hygiene. He urged all teachers and students to practice good hygiene behaviours and teach their families and friends what they have learnt as this will help change attitudes and establish good hygiene for generation to come.

The Head Teacher, LEA Primary School, Kuchigoro, Mr. Sarki Zachariah, in his remark stated that “This is the first time WASH is mentioned in my school. I am excited about this initiative as I know it will have a positive impact in the school attendance and improve the health of my students and teachers”. He implored CEDI to support them with the provision of some WASH facilities.

Lecture on WASH

The Chief Executive of ZAFTA-MED Clinic and Maternity, Matron, Nurse Mid-wife,  Salako Medinat in sensitizing the teachers and pupils threw more light on water and sanitation and the goal of World Health Organization on Education, health, access to good water and proper hygiene by 2030.

She advised the participants to practice good hygienic behaviour so as to reduce the risk of diarrhea, cholera, Hepatitis E and other hygiene-related diseases as well as increase their school attendance and learning achievement.

In her lecture, she educated the teachers and pupils on personal hygiene and how it affects their lives presently and in the future. She noted the need for proper handwashing as it affects our daily lives. Emphasis was laid on the need for the participants to always wash their hands after every activity. She cited germs as the main causes of different kinds of illnesses and stating that these can be prevented by proper sanitation and hygiene.

While engaging the pupils in an interactive section, she told the pupils that their hands is the first point of contact with other persons and objects and explains how diseases can be transmitted from one person to the other. At the end of her lecture, she fielded intelligent questions from the pupils, to which she answered professionally. For example some of the pupils ask questions on how one can know if they have been infected.  She responded by telling them the symptoms and treatments of various infections.

Closing Remark/Vote of Thanks

The Director, Gender and Social Development at CEDI, Bar. (Mrs.) Gatta Tokunbo in her closing remark underscores the need for WASH in schools and communities and call on all stakeholders to intensify efforts to promote WASH as it is a first step towards ensuring a healthy physical learning environment. She appreciated all participants and urged them to keep spreading the gospel of WASH across the country and emphasized that CEDI will continue to support and partner with other stakeholders to actualize the WASH goal.





Annex 1: Attendance List

S/N Name Organization/designation Address Phone
1 Taiwo Risikat Teacher Yoruba Mosque Piuoyi  airport road 08057286437
2 Usman Marian Teacher Hausa Area Airport road 08096858418
3 Uzoigwu Tochukwu Teacher Behind police station airport road 08185793145
4 Rifkatu A. Ajiji Teacher Behind LEA Primary School 0705059044?
5 Jatto Rakiya Teacher Behind LEA primary school 08033765393
6 Alfred Lami Katungu Teacher 08057048714
7 Mohammed Ibrahim Teacher 08060924790
8 Wanshungu doris Teacher 07058831963
9 Gomna Nicah Gaje Teacher 08036438893
10 Chingere Joy Chukwuma Teacher 09062135433
11 Oyeneyin Kehinde Teacher 08166221195
12 Margaret Anthony Teacher 08065984227
13 Princess F.B Teacher 08033855579
14 Olalekan Esther A. Teacher 08065682601
15 Mary Bamun Pupil
16 Hajara Abdulahi Pupil
17 Amina Auwal Pupil
18 Nafisatu A.Tijani Pupil
19 Mayowa Ayion Pupil
20 Faiza Sani Pupil
21 Bilikisu Auwal Pupil
22 Shantel Abrity Pupil
23 Abigail Sunday Pupil
24 Mesoma Ofonedu Pupil
25 Peace Zanubuhwa Pupil
26 Najat Ali Pupil
27 Hembafan Agata Pupil
28 Mervellous Enoch Pupil
29 Rashidab Ali Pupil
30 Aminat Shaid Pupil
31 Aiana Rabo Pupil
32 Evelyn Micah Pupil
33 Deborah Yakubu Pupil
34 Zainab Muhammed Pupil
35 Ummul Kairi Umar Pupil
36 Saidatu Shaibu Pupil
37 Maryam Abubakar Pupil
38 Tina Aamu Pupil
39 Blessing Pupil
40 Hafsat Haruna Pupil
41 Amina iliyasu Pupil
42 Aisha Haruna Pupil
43 Khadida Abubakar Pupil
44 Nafisat Umar Pupil
45 Fadimat Yahaya Pupil
46 Fadila Isyaku Pupil
47 Fatima Muhammed Pupil
48 Comfort Achibong Pupil
49 Ibrahim Lawal Pupil
50 Jawad Salisu Pupil
51 Abdulahi Aliyu Pupil
52 Peter Emmanuel Pupil
53 Danjan Micah Pupil
54 Kamilu Tijani Pupil
55 Bolu Abel Pupil
56 Muhammed Atabo
57 Jethero Salihu
59 Godwing obaka
60 Osarunmwense Bridget
61 Muhammed  Bashiru Pupil
62 Bila Sani Pupil
63 Noah Sunday Pupil
64 Enoch Joy Pupil
65 Sunday Yusuf Pupil
66 Akilu Haruna Pupil
67 Miracle Amos Pupil
68 Ishaku Gideon Pupil
69 Nayatu Jibri n Pupil
70 Melody Yakubo Pupil
71 Happiness Abraham Pupil
72 Trinity Daniel Pupil
73 Onwzuruike  confident Pupil
74 Helen Ibrahim Pupil
75 Onumma Thomas Pupil
76 Zant Adamu Pupil
77 Esther Nkese Pupil
78 Hassana Dauda Pupil
79 Zainab Ismial Pupil
80 Saadatu Jamita Pupil
81 Latifa Aliyu Pupil
82 Paulicer  Timothy Pupil
83 Alfred Edewor Pupil
84 Eze E. Chiwendu Pupil
85 Muhammed Medinat Pupil
86 mama Pupil
87 Eze Mary Jane Pupil
88 Paul Blessing Pupil
89 Miracle Ede Pupil
90 Sadie Yahaya Pupil
91 Adisa Latifat Pupil
92 Khadijat  Aliyu Pupil
93 Abdurahaman Nasiru Pupil
94 Ahmed Abubar Pupil
95 Usman Umar Pupil
96 Abubakar Abdullahi Pupil
97 Favour Makasuwa Pupil
98 Ameh Faustina Pupil
99 Absisinsis Ifsotosia Pupil
100 Abdulrasheed Masud Pupil
101 Oriji Amarachi Eze Pupil
102 Onah Chibudem Pupil
103 Sabolo Ayuba Pupil
104 Rahila Yusuf Pupil
105 Aisha Abdulahi Pupil
106 Aisha Mohammed Pupil
107 Jessica  Matthew Pupil
108 Blessing Adeuo Pupil
109 Victoria Owoade Pupil
110 Josephine Terusgh Pupil
111 Fidday Yakubu Pupil
112 Mark E. Esomto Pupil
113 Marvelous Josiah Pupil
114 Salami Luka Pupil
115 Precious Ayuba Pupil
116 Fatima Abdullahi Pupil
117 Maryam Haruna Pupil
118 Farida Aliyu Pupil
119 Mariyam Yusuf Pupil
120 Ella Mohammed Pupil
121 Salifullahi Muntari Pupil
122 Garba Abubakar Pupil
123 Maktar Nasiru Pupil
124 Ibrahim Auwal Pupil
125 Rahila Yusu Pupil
126 Aisha Adbulahi Pupil
127 Husena Haruna Pupil
128 Rukkaya Ali Pupil
129 Mohammed Ali Pupil
129 Koko Theresa Pupil
130 Muhammed Atabo Pupil
131 Gloria Akila Pupil
132 Amina Masud Pupil
133 Halima Sani Pupil
134 Nima idris Pupil
135 Odeh Grace Pupil
136 Haman Pupil
137 Tennifer Orhirga Pupil
138 Aishat Onabifan Pupil
139 Joy Adewumi Pupil
140 Joy Dogana Pupil
141 Saudatu Hussaini Pupil
142 Endurance  Ibrahim Pupil
143 Blessing Obaka Pupil
144 Emmanuel Fancies Pupil
145 Adorable Fancies Pupil
146 Danjuma Ezekiel Pupil
147 Pious Ajnadu Pupil
148 Savior Christopher Pupil
149 Kadijat Nasiru Lawal Pupil
150 Phoebe Ishaku Pupil
151 Ulaiya Yahaya Pupil
152 Priscila Nana Pupil
153 Adamu Yahaya Pupil
154 Ibrahim Hamza Pupil
155 Ella Muhammed Pupil
156 Emmanuel Sayibo Pupil
157 Fatima Auwal Pupil
158 Istfanus Tizho Pupil
159 Buhari Usman Pupil
160 Umar Kaburi Pupil
161 Muhammed Yusuf Pupil
162 Onuwzuruike Confident Pupil
163 Faith Solomon Pupil
164 Rita Danjuma Pupil
165 Success Kpakpa Pupil
166 Jude Yusuf Pupil
167 Esther Audu Pupil
168 Esther Emmanuel Pupil
169 Emma  Okafor Pupil
170 Maimuna Adamu Pupil
171 Joy Edewor Pupil
172 Jubril Mohammed Pupil
173 Kabir Ahmed Pupil
174 Joseph Mohammed Pupil
175 Favor Bello Pupil
176 Illysa Aminu Pupil
177 Ismail Nura Pupil
178 Yusuf Tukur Pupil
179 Yahaya Mohammed Pupil
180 Jerry Destiny Pupil
181 Lepas Samson Pupil
182 Sunday Jason Pupil
183 Usman Abdualhi Pupil
184 Baba Abubakar Pupil
185 Ashiru Ibrahim Pupil
186 Shadu Abubakar Pupil
187 Abubakar Usman Pupil
188 Abdulahi Mansir Pupil
189 Ahmed Abubkar Pupil
190 Aminu Sani Pupil
191 Grace Jenga
192 Jatto Rakiya CEDI 08033765393
193 Emmanuel Ikobulu CEDI 08039293969
194 Emmanuel Onuoha CEDI 08024466876
195 Salako Medinat ZAFTA MED CLINIC 08063048730
196 Caroline Edwin CEDI
197 Bar. (Mrs.) Gatta Tokunbo CEDI
198 Onuvae Israel CEDI 08033826417
199 Chuks Okonkwo Media
200 Henry Ogbonna CEDI
201 Sarki Zachariah Head Teacher, LEA Primary School





Annex 2: Workshop Agenda


Sensitization on WASH at LEA Primary School, Kuchigoro, off Airport Road, Abuja


Friday, October 12, 2018


AGENDA   10 .00am – 2.30pm                                                  


Arrival/Registration of Participants


Welcome Address –                    Israel Ozovehe O., Executive Director, CEDI

Goodwill message –                    Lucy Mohammed, Managing Director, Hope Trainers Africa Foundation

Remarks –                                    Mr. Sarki Zachariah, Head Teacher, LEA Primary School, Kuchigoro

Lecture on WASH  –                    Matron, Nurse Mid-wife,  Salako Medinat, Chief Executive, ZAFTA-MED Clinic and Maternity, Abuja

Closing remark/

Vote of Thanks –                         Bar. (Mrs.) Gatta Tokunbo, Director, CEDI




Annex 3: Photo clips from the Workshop