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CEDI Nigeria Agriculture

40% of the African Gross National Product is obtained in Agriculture and 70% of all African labour is employed in this sector. Agriculture is a significant sector in the Nigerian economy, providing employment for 70% of the population. In 1960, before oil took the main position in the Nigerian economy, Nigeria was one of the most long-ranged agricultural producers in the entire world. In the period from 1962 to 1968, export crops were the major source of foreign exchange earnings in the country. Nigeria took the first place in the world for the export of palm oil, ahead of Malaysia and Indonesia, and also exported 47% of peanuts, supplying it to the US and Argentina. However, today, the status of Nigeria as an agricultural economy has dropped significantly.

Some of the problems include:

Investing in Nigerian agriculture will create self-reliance, economic power and political independence.

CEDI is working to provide lasting and innovative solutions to the above mentioned problems by supporting farmers with micro loans so they can improve their farm inputs, training them in sustainable techniques to improve farm profitability as well as increase market access and improve storage facilities. CEDI is sensitizing farmers in vulnerable communities on the impact of climate change in the agricultural sector and also advocating for Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) practices as a way of ameliorating the impact of climate change in the agricultural sector.

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