WASH Event at JSS Aleyita Oct 26 2018

CEDI Nigeria WASH Event at JSS Aleyita Oct 26 2018

Access to safe water and toilets are human rights denied to billions of people. This violation leads to growing inequalities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that roughly half of child undernutrition is caused by poor water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).  Around the world, poor water, sanitation and hygiene makes children sick, putting mothers and babies at risk in hospitals, and stopping young women staying safe and well during their menstrual cycle.. Children spend long hours in school, and the physical environment and cleanliness of educational facilities significantly determine their health and well-being. Too often, schools are places where children get infected.

Research shows that more than 40 per cent of diarrhoea cases in school children result from transmission in schools rather than homes. Diseases spread faster where many children gather for many hours a day in cramped spaces with limited ventilation, unsanitary conditions, no handwashing facilities or soap, and toilets in poor condition. Research also shows that over one million people around the world die each year from diseases caused by a lack of safe water and sanitation, with most of these deaths recorded in developing countries. Poor sanitation and unsafe water cause nearly 20% of workplace deaths and costs around $260 billion in lost productivity every year. This should not be normal as good water, sanitation and hygiene can reduce sickness by as much as 45%. Handwashing with soap alone can prevent between 500,000 and 1.4 million deaths per year.

As part of its mission and objectives, Community Excellence and Development Initiative (CEDI) is working to promote good water, sanitation, and hygiene in vulnerable communities. CEDI is borne out of the need to empower lives and build sustainable communities by promoting sustainable development projects in health, education, agriculture, clean energy and the environment in Nigerian schools/communities.

CEDI embarked on this workshop to inculcate good hygiene behaviours in students and teachers and ensure that they are able to teach their families and friends what they have learnt to help change attitudes and establish good hygiene for generation to come.

Objectives of the Workshop

Objectives of the workshop include to:

  • To raise awareness about the need for good water, sanitation and hygiene
  • To interact with students and understand the challenges they face in practicing good hygiene, as well as having good water and sanitation.
  • To open up opportunities for further engagements with the schools.
  • To help generate ideas for scalability in other schools and communities.


The workshop had in attendance over 200 participants. It supports the efforts of key stakeholders especially the international community to scale up access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in schools as it holds potential for impact towards all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially SDG 3 and 6 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages as well as ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all).

Welcome Remarks

The Executive Director, Community Excellence and Development Initiative (CEDI), Mr. Israel Ozovehe O. in his welcome address acknowledged the efforts of various partners and stakeholders in promoting WASH activities in schools. He appreciated the school authorities and students who made out time to be sensitized on WASH. He stated that CEDI is promoting WASH in schools because schools have an important role in protecting children and their families from disease and illness due to poor water, sanitation and hygiene. More so, according to World Health Organisation (WHO), 88% of diarrhea disease is attributed to unsafe water supply, inadequate sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene interventions including hygiene education and promotion of hand washing can lead to a reduction of diarrhea cases by up to 45%. The provision of safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in educational institutions is a key intervention to promote student’s right to health and clean environment. He urged all teachers and students to practice good hygiene behaviours and teach their families and friends what they have learnt as this will help change attitudes and establish good hygiene for generation to come.


The Principal, Junior Secondary School, Aleyita, Mrs Abdullahi Toyin O. in her remark appreciated CEDI for recognizing the need for WASH in her school and for taking out time to positively affect the lives of the students and teachers of her school. She told the students to listen attentively to the lecture on WASH and imbibe the culture of handwashing as “dirt causes death”. She ended her remark by wishing CEDI the greatest height in her interventions and urged CEDI to provide hand washing stations for her school.

Lecture on WASH

The Chief Executive of ZAFTA-MED Clinic and Maternity, Matron, Nurse Mid-wife, Salako Medinat in sensitizing the teachers and students reiterated the need for a clean environment and advised them to practice good hygienic behaviour so as to reduce the risk of diarrhea, cholera, Hepatitis E and other hygiene-related diseases.

In her lecture, she educated the teachers and students on the need to develop proper hygiene and how it affects their lives presently and in the future. She noted the need to imbibe the culture of handwashing as it will help in preventing many ailments. She cited germs as the main causes of different kinds of illnesses and stating that these can be prevented by proper sanitation and hygiene.

She engaged the students in an interactive section. Students asked questions like “how do you know you have infection; how many times should we wash our hands in a day” etc. She responded professionally to all the questions and the students and teachers were excited.

Closing Remark/Vote of Thanks

The Director, Gender and Social Development at CEDI, Bar. (Mrs.) Gatta Tokunbo in her closing remark appreciated all participants for their attention and fruitful articipation and urged them to keep spreading the gospel of WASH to everyone they come in contact with. She advised the students to take on the character of cleanliness and re-emphasized that CEDI will continue to support and partner with other stakeholders to actualize the WASH goal.





Annex 1: Attendance List

Sensitization on WASH at Junior Secondary School, Aleyita

off Airport Road, Abuja


Friday, October 26, 2018

S/No. Name Designation Phone
1 Abdullahi Toyin O. Principal 08038040445
2 Ikem Francies Vice Principal 08023844662
3 Alhassan Memunat Teacher 08059263075
4 Onvae Precious CEDI 0806336165
5 Caroline Edwin CEDI 08063048730
6 Osarunmwense,Bridget CEDI 07025722988
7 Gatta Tokunbo CEDI 08023122312
8 Emmanuel  Onuoha CEDI 08024466786
9 Onuvvae Israel CEDI 08033826417
10 Salako Medenat ZAFTA Med Clinic 08063048730
11 Emmanuel Ikobulu CEDI 08039293969
12 Shilo Miracle S Shewoaga Student
13 Ewuzie Blessing Student
14 Nimat Adarance Student
15 Gift Gidoen Student
16 Abdullazeez Bashiru Student
17 Maryam Mohammed Student
18 Maryam Kareem Student
19 Olanira Amoke Wayat Student
20 Alison Ifeoma Student
21 Emmanuel Felix Student
22 Samuel Ayoade Student
23 Murtala Abdulkarim Student
24 Joseph Simon Student
25 Micheal Rebecca Student
26 Gideon Francis Student
27 Muhammed Umar Student
28 Hudu Garba Student
29 Enyeribe Gideon Student
30 Jibrin Musa Student
31 Oivalo  Ibe Philomena Student
32 Iliua Bako Gladys Student
33 Nuhu A. Samuel Student
34 Ishaya Adeyiro Rejoice Student
35 Andrew Christopher Student
36 Peace L. Nanling Student
37 Akeem Blessing Rebecca Student
38 Abdlkadri Aliyu Student
39 Glory Amana Student
40 Tijani Goodnews Jonah Student
41 Raji Roqeeb Student
42 Godwin Shekwaga Student
43 Abubakar J. Bilikisu Student
44 Okechukwu Oji Chinyere Student
45 Abdulkareem A. Ummu Salma Student
46 Adamu A. Nafisa Student
47 Dauda Comfort Student
48. Balogun Samson Student
49 Marvelous Nkwohikonu Student
50 Odegemi Blessing Student
51 Tukur M. Nasir Student
52 Peter John Omale Student
53 Luka Faith Grace Student
54 Kadiri Stephen Student
56 Tafita Imoge Blessisng Student
57 Daniel H Blessings Student
58 Akwu Precious Student
59 Safiyat Muhammed Student
60 Victoria John Student
61 Fatima Ishaq Sulieman Student
62 Olasoji Emmanuel Student
63 Abah Ochanya Favour Student
64 Mathew Tochukwu Student
65 Adegboye Victoria Oriniyin Student
66 Muhammed idoko Al-ameen Student
67 Chibueze Chukwuemeka Student
68 Chukwudi Apeja Amos Student
69 Thankgod Philip Musa Student
70 Joseph Ayomide Student
71 Thankgod Omoruyi Student
72 Chima oche Idoko Student
73 Ibrahim o Success Student
74 Isiaka Muhammed Student
75 Olabiyi Samuel Student
76 Okoi Blessing Student
77 Imarayi Abraham Student
78 Blessing Emenike Student
79 Ogbaje success Edwin Student
80 Irewolede Aliyat Student
81 Okunade Praise Student
82 Muhammed Rafiyat Student
83 Ojo Ayomide Esther Student
84 Muhammed Awal Idris Student
85 Adilike sheobach Student
86 Ayomide Babatunde Student
87 Gbemiyi Funmilayo Student
88 Ogah Vivian Okwu Student
89 Ajibade Rilwan Student
90 Abdullateef Yusuf Student
91 Adoga Dorathy Elizabeth Student
92 Danjuma Godwin Student
93 Umar Olamide Okun Student
94 Adimike Chioma Student
95 Hassan Danjuma Adamu Student
96 Nzeadigo Chioma Success Student
97 Folorunsho A. Precious Student
98 Emmanuel Baba Joseph Student
99 Moses Ewomazino Ransom Student
100 Salihu Sadiya Student
101 Tukur M. Sadiatu Student
102 Alex Blessing Student
103 Akintola Precious Student
104 Kanu Favour Salihu Student
105 Nwafor Nkiruka Student
106 Luciana Okpabi Ebi Student
107 Martha Jesse Student
108 Irene Victor Student
109 Apata O. Daniel Student
110 Ehimatie Sarah Abel Student
111 John Ezekiel O. Student
112 Taiwo Stephen Julius Student
113 Asher Amana Student
114 Chikodiri David Student
115 Salawudeen Jamiu Student
116 Victor Jedidoah Student
117 Agada Daniel Student
118 Kevin Collins Student
119 Atambi Victory Student
120 Hassan Marzooq Sadiq Student
121 Okechukwu Ifeoma Student
122 Agba Favour Ngbumene Student
123 Akeem Damilola Student
124 Mamman Shamsiya Student
125 Kausai Abubakar Student
126 Mihi Bright Gloria Student
127 Adekunle Deborah Student
128 Okunola Temitope Student
129 Kadiri Stephen Student
130 Nwachukwu Oyinyechi Student
131 Chukwuma Favour Student
132 Okeke joy Student
133 Chukwuemeka Eunice Onoma Student
134 Otobo Monday Student
135 Okoh Odiya Glory Student
136 Adelusi Oluwafunmilayo Student
137 Odii Loveth Chinemerem Student
138 Keke Victory Student
139 Ndubisi Goodness Student
140 Olafioye Elizabeth Student
141 Usman O. Faridah Student
142 Obaro O. Joy Student
143 Ayuba S. Judith Student
144 Favour Iwara Okoh Student
145 Isah Manira H. Student
146 Agbo Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Student
147 Adam Nasiba Aishat Student
148 Idris Hassana Student
149 Idris Aisha Student
150 Suleiman Barakat Student
151 Suleiman Zainab Student
152 Chieme Chioma Student
153 Chinede Jonas Student
154 Pius A. Godwin Student
155 Lawal Suleiman Student
156 Yakubu Seth Student
157 Godwin Rejoice Student
158 Etoti Kanu lino Student
159 Tor Florence Student
160 Yahemba Regina Student
161 Avaan Caroline Student
162 Micheal Lucy Student
163 Andrew y. Gift Student
164 Mariam Muhammed Student
165 Fasasi Abiodun Student
167 Abua Christabel Student
168 Hairat J. Musa Student
169 Salawu I. Mariam Student
170 Latifa istakaay Student
171 Yakubu Oyiza Jemima Student
172 Ayomide Olatunji Student
173 Levi  Agatha Student
174 Zekeri Safiya Student
175 Ayoade Mathew Student
176 Omotoyi Isreal Student
177 Ishaku Anna Student
178 Adeboye Precious Student
179 Otse George Student
180 Tumaka Monday Kak Student
181 Sadia Aisha Student
182 Olawookere Omowumi Joy Student
183 Isaac John Student
184 Abdullateef Olamide Student
185 Adamu Fadiah Student
186 Abdullahi Sherifat Student
187 Daniel Joyce Student
188 Nankwat Rufus Student
189 Azurunci Chinemerem Student
190 Peter Godspraise Oluwaseun Student
191 Dungji Nenfort Rejoice Student
192 John Godiya Student
193 Moses E. Ochanya Student
194 Emeka Henry Student
195 Chinenye Jonas Student
196 Amarachi Favour Igwe Student
197 Jedidah Chukwuemeka Student
198 Henry Ogbonna CEDI


Annex 2: Workshop Agenda


Sensitization on WASH at Junior Secondary School, Aleyita

off Airport Road, Abuja


Friday, October 26, 2018




Arrival/Registration of Participants


Welcome Address –          Onuvae Israel, Executive Director, CEDI

Remark –                           The Principal, Junior Secondary School, Aleyita

Lecture on WASH  –       Matron, Nurse Mid-wife,  Salako Medinat, Chief Executive, ZAFTA-MED Clinic and Maternity, Abuja

Closing remark/

Vote of Thanks  –            Bar. (Mrs.) Gatta Tokunbo, Director, CEDI




Annex 3: Photo clips from the Workshop